New Year, New Blog!

After seven years with Blogger I finally decided it was time to get my own domain and revamp my blog. Blogger has been good to me, and best of all it was free, but I was starting to get very frustrated with its limitations and how it would reduce the quality of my photos when I posted them. So after some google research and some recommendations from a friend I am starting fresh with a new blog host!  

Orchid 2018-2.jpg

A link to my old blog is in the upper right corner, it will remain active and I will be saving it for my memories (I guess I should probably back it up so google doesn't delete it with no activity!). As I get more used to this new blog I will probably be playing with it a bit as I figure out how to best set it up, so bear with me through any changes!

I hope you like the new blog, I'm excited to share new posts over the next days, months, and hopefully years!