Hanging with the Bensons in El Salvador

We hadn’t seen our Benson family in waaaay too long so over the summer we took a little detour and went to El Salvador for a few days of Plevasidesons fun! We rented an awesome beach house and held our third annual fantasy birding competition (which Nikki will write for another post). There was lots of eating, drinking, swimming, surfing, wii playing, and enjoying! Piper and Luke had a great time rekindling their BFF relationship, it was as if they were never apart.

After the beach we spent a couple of days in San Salvador getting to know the newest Bensons - Miles and Rowen. Such cute and huge, little meatballs!

Pi and I hired a guide for a day to take us to see the volcanoes, pyramids, and do some hiking. She is such a good little travel buddy! El Salvador is a beautiful country, I highly recommend visiting there!