Chang Mai, Thailand

Back in September, over Labor Day, we went to Chang Mai, Thailand for the weekend. Great place! We didn’t escape the rain completely, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and about.

We spent a morning at Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden looking for birds on the tree top walk and exploring the greenhouses and tropical gardens.

We visited the Siam insect zoo. I love bugs and one of my favorite things is to see Piper also loving the bugs. She even liked the grubs (which I DO NOT like). We got to see and hold a ton of amazing critters!

Piper and I also visited the Elephant poo poo park! Where we got to make paper out of elephant poop! It was quite fun and not smelly at all! Elephant poop is mostly fiber, and 50kg of poop can make about 100 sheets of paper. We had a lot of fun on the tour and making our own paper.

We stayed about 30 minutes outside of town, closer to the mountains, in a cute little B&B. It was very owned by a couple who enjoyed gardening and it was very lush and green!