Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Rich and Ruby came to visit us after Christmas so we took them to Angkor Wat in Cambodia over New Years! I’ve had a vision in my head of Angkor Wat for as long as I can remember - a vision of trekking through the jungle and coming upon an ancient temple, encased in the trees, like a secret hideaway. Very Nat Geo circa 1980. Turns out it’s a bit different than that now. Ha! It is still very impressive and amazing to visit, but prepare to visit with a million people!

Entry to Angkor Wat through the South gate

Bayon Temple (12-13th century Buddhist temple)

Phimeanakas Temple (10th century Hindu temple)

Ta Prohm Temple (the Tomb Raider Temple) (12-13th century Buddhist temple)

Angkor Wat Temple (Originally constructed as a Hindu temple it was gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple at the end of the 12th century)

Banteay Srei Temple (10th century Hindu temple)

Actually now that I go back and look at the pictures, I am amazed that I was able to get so many without the throngs of people! It was quite an amazing place to visit!