Arizona Home Leave

We spent a month in Arizona this summer - two weeks in June (getting hot) and two weeks in July (too hot). Scott and Rachael bought a new house with a pool, which is awesome, so we got to spend a lot of time enjoying the desert weather and trying to turn Owen and Sawyer into water babies.

We rented a cabin up in Flagstaff for a few days to escape the heat and take Piper to her first National Park, the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful weather up there! And as I remember it, the Grand Canyon looks like a painting.

The Flagstaff library had great kids activities and Piper and Owen signed up to make rockets one day.

We also visited the Deer Farm again to give some love to our camel and deer friends.

While back in Phoenix, Piper had an adenotonsilectomy so during her two week recovery we hung out with Easy, Chickaletta, and Lucas the Spider Chicken. It was a great visit!