Disney Tokyo

Before going to the US for our summer visit we went to Disney Tokyo with our friends. What a fun park! Tokyo is the only Disney in the world to have Disney Sea with a nautical/ocean theme. We spent our first day exploring all the “ports of call”, spending most of our time in the Mermaid Lagoon, Port Discovery, and Arabian Coast. The girls found Prince Eric and Aladdin! Our first item of business was getting matching mouse hats for the girls and Minnie ears for Tracy and me, the sparklier the better!

One of the awesome things (and there were many) about Disney in Tokyo is the number of Japanese that dress up in matching outfits. Having seen all the matching outfits the first day and feeling left out of the fun, Tracy and I bought our own outfits and experienced Disneyland as it was meant to be experienced.

Another awesome thing about Disney in Tokyo is that everyone sits down for the parades. They. Sit. Down. So everyone can see. Including the kids! It’s so civilized! We loved the parades, they were awesome. It was as if Disney and Anime had a technicolor baby singing in high pitched Japanese. So amazing!

We had such a great time and we’re so glad we did this with the Swifts. It was their last trip in Asia for a while, since they moved to Amman, Jordan. We’ll be visiting them there! But in the mean time here are a few more pics from my phone.